Supermarket Game 2 for Android, Download mod, Cash

Supermarket Game 2

Supermarket Game 2, this is an interesting mobile game for the whole family. In it, you will help customers make purchases, serve at the checkout and perform other tasks. This is a free game, you can download it for Android. It is suitable for both adults and children. It also has a lot of mini-games in which you can spend time interesting. The game has paid content, which can be unlocked for a couple of dollars, or using a hack Supermarket Game 2.

Description of the game

A new management game in the supermarket, navigate through the departments and complete the tasks. Help customers choose products, break them through the checkout and restore their mathematical knowledge. Supermarket Game 2 for Android, this is a simple and fun game. Take responsibility and service customers at the checkout, help them get the best product and enjoy shopping.

Help clients in different departments, in the game you can work at the checkout, or pick up goods. The developer of the game Bubadu, he is the creator of many popular games Pizza Maker Kids, My virtual pet Duddu and other games with tens of millions of downloads. After downloading the game you get an interesting experience with quality gameplay. Unlock departments and enjoy mini-tasks.


Supermarket Game 2 hack

The game is very simple, but the complexity of tasks with each time increases. You will serve customers in the form of a game, thereby raising your mood to yourself and your customers. Supermarket Game 2 mod will allow you to learn how to collect payments at the checkout, build a cheese tower, defrost fish, collect toys, create huge cakes and just help them find the right ingredients.

There are several modes in the game that are store branches. In all you need to develop your skills and train to reach a high level. Participate in mini-games, the game can be used to teach children to count. Sometimes it will be interesting for you to put products in the basket, or punch them at the checkout. The game has paid elements that you can unlock for money Supermarket Game 2.


Supermarket Game 2 mod

All games from this developer have a similar style, they are simple, but very bright. Cartoon graphics are great for children, they can feel like a cartoon hero and perform important tasks here. You can play Supermarket Game 2 for free, cheat codes also allow you to disable advertising. Get more fun from the game, sweet voice and fun tasks make it possible to relax after a hard day’s work.

Follow orders from customers to complete the level. Bake bread, create cakes, catch a thief who will try to steal goods from the store. After downloading the game you will be able to experience all the important roles and professions.

Supermarket Game 2 hack:

  • Unlock all items, levels for free – HC # PRE12W6
  • Disable advertising in the game – LK # 3XX2HMR

With the help of codes you can unlock the paid game modes, as well as experience all the mini-games. Get gold medals and valuable bonuses, using the codes you can save money and gain access to paid items.

Information about entering the code in the game “Supermarket Game 2” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations


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