Tank Battle Heroes free gold & cash for Android

Tank Battle Heroes hack

Participate in tank battles on modern models of military equipment. Tank Battle Heroes hack is needed for those who want to unlock tanks, get a lot of money and gold for free. The codes work on all Android & iOS devices and will give unlimited resources to anyone who learns the instructions and uses the tricks correctly. Experience all tanks and choose your favorite, which suits your abilities and strategy.

Using any of the codes will automatically disable advertising in the application. Modern tank battles on your mobile, destroy enemies earning your rank and money for further purchases. Domination on the field brings additional experience points and valuable rewards. Choose a technique in the hangar and replenish your garage, different classes, weapons and characteristics allow you to choose different tactics for each fight.

Tank Battle Heroes Cheats:

  • 500 000 money for free (purchase of equipment and its improvements without restrictions, code – HEZ_ww3U8k
  • + 35 000 gold for free (allows you to unlock the paid models of equipment, and quickly install them on the tank), code – HEZ_ezq9EQ
  • Recover energy (full fuel tank) – HEZ_rZNc02

The game has ample opportunities for improvement, go through the initial missions, to learn management and go into battle. Tank Battle Heroes will make you feel at the burning point of the world, move forward and fight in different fields. The passage of single tasks will ensure a trip around the world, get acquainted with a new type of equipment and opportunities for strategic maneuvers.

How to unlock tanks, free gold

The game has high quality graphics and 3D visualization of everything that is happening around. The top view will cover all the areas around. Discovering new maps and enemies, you will experience new types of weapons and change strategy. Each enemy needs a unique approach. Having tanks of different classes, a player can always replay tasks on a new technique. To get unlimited resources, a gamer does not need to get root, jailbreak right, or download Tank Battle Heroes mod.

Enjoy free purchases with codes, test different types of weapons and equip the tank with the most advanced technologies. The rest will depend on the management skills and the choice of strategy for the battle, this comes with experience. Dozens of battles and observation will make the unbeatable with everyone who has gold without restrictions.

In addition to passing missions in the game you can compete with real players. It is the multiplayer mode that gathers dozens of players from all over the world on one card. Choosing a tank before a fight you determine your strategy, fast and low-wattage, or slow, but powerful. Each player has a different model of technology. Hacked Tank Battle Heroes makes it possible to choose from the full list and buy the most expensive tanks and weapons.

Expand your arsenal without leaving a chance to the opponent, raise your own level and perform tasks to open all opportunities. Using the codes, having money, the player gets the opportunity to be the first to use the updates and play without limits.

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