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Tank Stars

The company Playgendary decided to restore the experience of shooting from the tanks, which were very popular on the PC. Tank Stars, this is a mobile version of the game in which you can fight with players from around the world. Unlock tanks, earn money to install powerful weapons and practice shooting skills. Hacked Tank Stars, for money, weapons and tanks, will allow using the most powerful items and increase your chances of winning.

Description of the game

Tank Stars cheat

These are arcade battles on tanks, opponents will be on the two ends of the map. Between them there can be a mountain, or a precipice, look around and strike the first blow. Each shot needs to be aimed to attack as accurately as possible. Tank Stars for Android, has a lot of weapons and a variety of tanks. Shooting with a simple rocket, or using an atomic bomb. Shoot at an angle, from the accuracy of the shot will depend on the amount of damage caused.

The game has several modes, without having access to the Internet you can compete with the computer. Train your skills, accuracy and power of the shot to challenge friends and other players. To win, you need to apply the most accurate blows and have a powerful tank. The game has a lot of deadly weapons, but the battles are never won in one stroke.

Game process

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Starting the game for the first time you will pass a short training on tank management. Choose the angle of shooting, the power of the shot and release your finger. It’s not as convenient as on a PC, but getting used you can shoot as accurately as possible. You will be on the left of the screen, the opponent on the right at the other end of the map. Usually the weapon has a large range of action, the more accurate the hit, the more health you can take from the enemy.

Tank Stars mod, this is a free game with a lot of advertising. But you can not disconnect the Internet and enjoy online battles, so you have to use the hacked version, or enter cheat codes. Watch for the health indicators of your tank and opponent’s tank. Destroy the enemy using the coins, buying the most powerful weapons from the arsenal and powerful tanks.


Tank Stars mod

The bright arcade has 2D graphics, a lot of different maps and locations. A lot of hills and precipices, dozens of weapons and equipment for choice. All of them are executed in the cartoon style, and the effects of the shots are very bright and create an atmosphere of battle. Tank Stars cheats for coins, allow you to get a lot of money through the game store, not downloading mod files and not breaking the general rules of the game.

Thus, each player can get additional opportunities in the game. Coins allow you to unlock the most powerful weapons and tanks and use them in battles with friends and other players. The multiplayer mode is overflowing with the spirit of the battle, bright flashes of shots and voice acting will plunge you into battle and make you worry. The epic arcade has work codes that simplify the passage.

Tank Stars hack

  • 1 000 000 coins for free, cheat code – 9kI_PwSWYq
  • Disable ads – 3Wm_x1rjhy

Use the money to unlock weapons and tanks for use in the game. The fighting arcade will bring a lot of fun, follow the instructions and get a lot of money on the account for free.

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