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Tanktastic hack

Build illusions around Tanktastic do not need it from the very beginning: according to the screenshots on Google Play, it is noticeable how secondary and unprincipled this game is. Sight – just like Wargaming, hangar – just like Wargaming, and even tank models – most similar to those used by Wargaming. In general, with the ideological inspirer and the marketing concept everything is clear, it remains only to study the gameplay. And it’s not completely free, by the way, many people use Tanktastic hacking to get extra money into the account and unlock additional tanks. But first, let’s talk about the game itself.


First, the game just looks awful. 3D graphics do not withstand any criticism. Terrible cardboard houses, sprite trees, a miserable landscape texture. All this looks so bad and unnatural, that just because of the appearance of this game you want to turn off. But why do many players search for hacking

The tank models themselves, maybe, are the only bright spot, but they go and shoot so that it seems that even the legendary “tanks” on Dendy were more realistic. As for the hangar, then the game also lags behind. Tanktastic mod, does not have any licenses, of course not. So we have to read the most ridiculous names of tanks and only guess at which of the real prototypes they look like.

Management and gameplay

Their behavior was already mentioned above: in fact, we have only fast and slow tanks. It takes a long time to get used to management and gain experience. It is difficult to aim at, the towers of tanks are in convulsions, and from the shots there is no perceived impact. Kaifa from the action was very little in the beginning, but the developers have notably worked on the game and received tens of millions of downloads. Tanktastic a lot of money is required to unlock powerful tanks for the game and raise your level.

Tanktastic mod

Tanktastic on Android, this is a multiplayer shooter, here you are waiting for the epic tank wars. Join the deadly duel and close combat, full of personal heroism. Before you the latest version, supplemented with stunning possibilities, able to lead you into the leaders in the world of armored vehicles. New models of tanks, packages of steep modifications, a large choice of locations and an abundance of modes. It was these changes that brought the game to the tops of tank action games.

Features of hacking

The hacked Tanktastic will allow you to select a tank model from the 95 armored vehicles represented. All of them belong to different countries of the world. The game involves replicas of actual tanks and using a buzzer you can verify this by examining every detail of your combat vehicle. In any of the game modes, your main task will be complete destruction of enemy forces. At the same time it is necessary to stay alive. Courageous and brave tankmen are waited with honor and respect from the whole community, plus various regalia and combat medals.

Tanktastic android

The player will choose one of the four game modes “Fight to Death”, “Team Battle to Death”, “Capture the Flag” or “Control Points” and win in a bloody battle. The money the Tanktastic player receives depends on the mode. Either only what he earned himself, or the amount is diluted with prize money, Just as the total amount of money earned by the team in battle is divided as it contributes to the overall victory. Increase the amount of earned silver can be, using cheats for a lot of money.

Tanktastic hacking:

  • 100 000 gold, code –¬†Y9KaBirva
  • 500 000 free silver –¬†Mi1eyrXA2

How to use cheat codes in the game Tanktastic


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