Taonga The Island Farm

Taonga The Island Farm hack

Codes in the game are needed to get unlimited energy, gold and diamonds in this article, you’ll learn “where to enter codes” and “how to enter codes in the game.” Taonga The Island Farm cheats for free purchases work without downloading, it is enough to know where to enter them and how to use them. This is one of the most popular farms that you can run in an online browser and enjoy life on the island.

After reading a strange letter, your character finds himself on an abandoned island. Dilapidated buildings and the lack of civilization and only you can restore the local population civilization, and the island a second wind. To do this, you need to complete quests, quests and build everything from the beginning. The game has many limitations, energy, gold and diamonds. To get them, follow the steps in the instructions and access unlimited resources.

Taonga The Island Farm Codes:

  • + 365 000 gold, code – Hc_nhJRT_Nm9G
  • + 15 640 diamonds – Dk_5EKe_X5Kjv
  • Recover energy – Lk_6T4l0_DLCJ

Hire workers and build the first bungalow, with the rise in the level, new buildings and items for purchase become available. Use local residents to work faster. Each task takes away the energy of Taonga The Island Farm. You can restore it with diamonds that are bought for real money. You can play without donat, but then the time of the game and the possibilities of purchases are limited.

All controls in the game are played with the mouse, you can play online through social networks. This will save your achievements and return to the game at any time. Use your skills and help the natives rebuild the island. Repair the bungalow, build a kitchen and a mill. For life, you need to create a closed cycle of food production and manufacturing. Plant the plots with corn, collect and send to mills, get flour and bake products in the kitchen. Resources are needed for workers who will gladly help you.

Features of the game Taonga The Island Farm:

  • Colorful graphics, tropical landscapes;
  • Hundreds of interesting tasks;
  • A variety of items, buildings that can be used on the island;
  • Interaction with other players;
  • The ability to sell products to neighboring islands and earn money;
  • Become the owner of a tropical island.

This is your ticket to a paradise island, if you like games in the genre of the farm, then additions in the form of a tropical island will only please. Master new territory, increase the population and attract it to work. You have to clear it of thickets and old buildings to breathe new life. Many know about the existence of tricks in the game, but very few people know where to enter the codes of Taonga The Island Farm.

This is not a secret, but the codes are encrypted and hidden from bots. They often change due to the fact that many start using them. And they are useful if you start playing and even if you have been playing this simulator for several years already. To create a paradise is a lot of money. Gold is used to buy and upgrade buildings, diamonds are needed to speed up the processes.

Taonga The Island Farm cheat

Taonga The Island Farm Energy is created to limit the player in the speed of development and to earn as much as possible to the developer. The growth dynamics of the level quickly fades with each level, each subsequent improvement requires more money. And the more rare plants, or valuable construction, the more energy will take away its purchase, construction.

A bright and exciting game turns into a boring simulator with hours of waiting. Taonga The Island Farm codes allow you to get huge sets of resources, follow the instructions to the site and get diamonds and energy for free.

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