Tap Slayers free cheat codes for Gold Coins and Crystals for Android and iOS, without downloadin mod

Tap Slayers hack

Tap Slayers it is incredibly colorful and vibrant game. You have to fight with an army of enemies. They will attack you not one by one and a whole team. But you need to clear a path from them and move on. The games graphics are very please you. Every detail of the game makes sense and complements the the gameplay. But it must be remembered that in games there is always the virtual resources. It are needed to improve the quality of the game.

You can select different game in Safe Mode. It will allow to diversify the gameplay. Gold coins you can get during the game. If you deal effective blows to your opponent, then for that you earn gold coins and experience. But to get the crystals in the game is not so simple. Hack Tap Slayers, which you can find on various websites, for sure, will not help you in this.

Tap Slayers hack

In order to facilitate the fight, you can take the help of your pets. Each of them has personal abilities and skills. You must decide what you need more. Pet can cover you from enemy attacks. This way you will feel more confident during the battle. But for this you need the cheat codes Tap Slayers for free purchases that you can see in this article.

Free cheat Codes Tap Slayers:

  • Add 30 000 Crystals – C#_EW*GEw8e3
  • Double Coins – C#_HJ*YHt6e7

A huge obstacle is the main boss, who is waiting for you at the end of the level. But if you have a powerful weapon and a lot of experience, you will easily cope with it. Get huge amount of crystals is not difficult. The main thing to do everything right, according to the instructions. And then you can povyat your level, and to fight against stronger opponents. Nothing will prevent you rapidly develop your game account.

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