Tap to Unbox free Coins & Gems for Android, secret codes, not mod

Tap to Unbox hack

Unlock characters for free, get coins and premium money. Hack Tap to Unbox – Idle Simulator on Android & iOS allows you to play freely without getting root or jailbreak rights. Enjoy the game by opening new chests and cases. Every time this is a surprise, unlock new items and use them in everyday life. Follow the tips in the instructions and quickly raise the level, making endless improvements and opening up new assistants.

Open more boxes, tap on the screen faster and use boosters. Coins and precious stones are needed to improve and raise the level of characters. Download the mod Tap to Unbox – Idle Simulator is not needed if you have codes. In one click, your assistants will deal more damage, and boosters will recover more quickly. And if at the initial levels you open boxes, then later you will have to open whole containers.

Tap to Unbox – Idle Simulator cheat codes:

  • 55,000 coins – TtUPqQ3fkJyc
  • 5 500 Gems – TtU1EjwESNVL

Review of Tap to Unbox – Idle Simulator on Android

What delivery service does such a powerful packaging? To open the case you need to be a superhero and have a bunch of helpers. From pretty girls, to grandfathers who have strength. You need to tap on the screen, while assistants will make a kick with a hammer, stick and other equipment. Efficiency depends on your efforts and the level of your team.

This cool simulator will appeal to all lovers of surprises. Hundreds of boxes with new and unique things. Disassemble the truck and raise your level. Discover new opportunities for improvement and buy new characters. The game has a bright graphics and interesting gameplay, and hacking Tap to Unbox – Idle Simulator will give free shopping.

Gameplay and secrets of the passage

It’s an endless clicker with dozens of unique and fun characters. Collect items and get new surprises. No secrets, you want to play more effectively spend real money, or learn to use tricks. Having disassembled one pile of boxes, the next batch will immediately arrive. Your team will work even with a closed game.

Do not stop and spend coins and money Tap to Unbox to raise the level of heroes. Use their unique skills to deal a crushing blow with a puncher, lightning, dynamite and other boosters. Use the received items to equip the house, start a pet and new friends and play mini games.

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