Taxi Simulator 2018 Free Cash for Android, Secret cheat codes, not mod

Taxi Simulator 2018 hack

Hack Taxi Simulator 2018 will allow you to get a lot of money and unlock the car. Cheat codes work on all Android devices and give a significant advantage when passing. Perform tasks faster and get more money from customers. Improve the car by buying new parts and creating a unique appearance. The codes are available for free, just follow the instructions and follow the recommendations.

Download the free game and enjoy the taxi simulator. New cars, tasks and opportunities. Convenient management and opportunities to improve the car. You do not need to download Taxi Simulator 2018 mod to play for free and get a lot of money. Unlock auto, install new drives and perform another tuning. Travel around the city, picking up customers and delivering them to the right place.

Codes Taxi Simulator 2018 for free:

  • 100 000 money, free of charge – FD1R_wDJb2Z
  • Disable ads – 6C1R_RBBUkv

Features of the game

Download a free game from Google Play and enjoy a realistic driving experience. Travel around the city, delivering customers to the right place. The better the car, the faster you can reach your destination. Dozens, hundreds of dollars from one customer. The resources obtained should be used to improve the car and improve skills.

The game has a nice graphics and convenient, touch-sensitive controls. Become the best taxi driver in the city, getting additional rewards. Taxi Simulator 2018 is available for free download and has 8 cars in the arsenal. Raising the level, the player unlocks new cars. Realistic control physics, customer reviews of trips and real sounds.

How to get a lot of money for free

Earn money and buy the fastest car, become the best taxi driver on the leaderboard. Follow orders and get customer estimates. They will depend on your rating and the amount of money received. To get a good feedback, you need to quickly deliver the customer without crashing. Violating the rules of the road, a common thing for a taxi driver.

Break all the rules and perform 250 tasks. A fast car will allow you to complete tasks for 3 stars. Cheats Taxi Simulator 2018 for money will allow you to unlock and buy a fast car. Get used to the physics of control and pass interesting levels of the game. Switch the camera to select controls from the saloon, or a top view. Use hacking and get into the leaderboard.

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