Temple Run 2 Codes Cheats

Temple Run 2 Cheats

Hacked Temple Run 2 with the cheats will give the opportunity to have an endless gems, a lot of coins for free and without downloading additional mods. Secret cheats Temple Run 2 running without downloading additional software, and crystals and coins are added after entering the code, which is part of the game.

So read the instructions on how to enter the secret code you can not only get a lot of coins and diamonds, but also to unlock and pump all the characters, producing premium upgrades and abilities. This hacking Temple Run 2 works as well on Android and on iOS devices will get the game even more fun.

The list of cheats to hack Temple Run 2:

Temple Run 2 hack on gems, diamonds, to get 1 million. Enter the code – Jkl1MaDTR2

Cheat on 500 K coins in the game use the code – Hyf5KadTR2

Unlock all characters (release dangerous man, Scarlett Fox Barry bones, and there Karma) – MngALuNTR2

Fully update and make most of the ability of all the characters – MaxSPaDTR2

The maximum level of the selected character – MaxLVaDTR2

Here we have provided you with a list of all the secret codes in the game Temple Run 2, you can now enjoy the game to the maximum. At any time you can get the maximum number of coins and diamonds for free. No need to spend a week in the game, all the characters are opened and you save real money for the purchase of a new hero. And this kind of hacking Temple Run 2 does not require Jailbreak or root, which guarantees the safety of your computer and your phone.

Temple Run 2 is a continuation of the first version, which is the same control, it is enough to slide your finger up to jump and down – to slide. To use the super powers using the double-click, thus passing the levels you constantly in the race for the gems and coins to improve your hero, or purchase a new one. Use cheats Temple Run 2 and get everything for free, but before that read the instructions.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Temple Run 2” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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