The Catapult free Money, Secret cheat codes for Android

The Catapult hack android

Hack The Catapult will get a lot of money on the account and disable advertising. With cheat codes, the game on Android will become much more interesting. Use secrets, follow the instructions and get the advantage. Enjoy a simple arcade of throwing stones. Play anywhere and train your stone-throwing skills. Break the opponent’s catapult, get money for each victory.

Unlock all levels and objects in the game to diversify the game. Although playing is not boring, because the game is very simple, but fun. Cheats The Catapult will disable advertising and continue playing anywhere, with no restrictions. Unlock all objects, levels and game modes and enjoy fun competitions. Destroy the enemy, train your accuracy and speed.

Codes The Catapult:

  • 9,000 free money – VRqw_HPIds
  • Disable ads – W5Ky_dZtlI

Description of the game, the secrets of the passage

Arcade on mobile devices often require a lot of attention. Players like clickers more, where you need more actions on the screen, but less to think about the process. This game is ideal for those who have a couple of minutes. Start the game and meet your favorite Stickman. Now he is behind a catapult with large stones.

Mark the trajectory with your finger and throw the enemy’s stone. Opponent will also try to destroy you as quickly as possible, or a catapult. Playing The Catapult is very interesting, funny gameplay allows you to have fun and get adrenaline. Immediately after the start of time, try to destroy the opponent, you may not have the next chance.

Free game, tips

Throw the stones quickly and accurately, destroy the catapult and see how ridiculously the opponent runs away. With each level the task becomes more complicated, protecting your castle becomes more difficult. You will need a more accurate tool, or booster. To save the castle, work on skills and practice throwing accurately, destroying the opponent’s weapons.

The player does not need to download The Catapult mod to enjoy all the features of the game. Use hacking with the help of codes and enjoy the game without advertising. Controls in the game are simple and intuitive, pull the catapult and drop the projectile. The accuracy will depend on the speed of victory. Throw bombs and carry an opponent. The game will be even more interesting when you can challenge your friends.

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