The Greedy Cave 2 mod, for Android

The Greedy Cave 2

The company Avalon-Games released the second part of the popular game The Greedy Cave 2. As in the previous version of the game, here you will be able to go through the temporary gate and move to a mysterious cave. Here you can find treasures, challenge monsters. Difference of this version of the game is the opportunity to unite with friends and travel together along the dark cave. Hacked The Greedy Cave 2 will get a lot of money and crystals on the account, unlock powerful equipment and increase your chances of winning.

About the game

After the successful release of the first part of the game, which was downloaded by millions and highly appreciated by the reviews, the developers continued the series. Form a team of characters with friends and go on a journey through the dark labyrinths of the mysterious cave. The Greedy Cave 2 on Android, this is a free game in which there are game purchases. To gain access to valuable items and challenge the most powerful monsters, you will need crystals that play the role of premium currency.

The Greedy Cave 2 hack

Collect the equipment and form a team of strong characters, helping each other make their way through difficult areas. Travel, collect equipment and solve the mystery of the Time Gate. Everywhere the treasures are scattered, to get the most valuable you need to raise the level of the character and unlock the cards. Receive rewards for completed tasks and use cheat codes to get free crystals.

Gameplay and game features

The game will move you to the kingdom of Basatana, it is divided into stages that will gradually open to you. For the passage of each card, the site you will receive rewards in the form of money. Crystals The Greedy Cave 2, play an important role in pumping the character. Victory over monsters and battles will bring additional experience. In the game, dozens of diverse skills are available, train them your hero to increase the chances of winning the battle.

At the beginning of the game you are invited to choose the appearance of the character. A large number of settings will create a unique hero. Meet the story and go to your first adventure. Just tap on the screen to navigate the map. The whole territory is divided into cubes, according to which you will travel. Light up the territory in front of you and collect the first weapon. By activating skills you will be able to enter into your first battle, a list of all skills available at the bottom of the screen. The Greedy Cave 2 mod, allows you to create your own guild, team up with friends for a joint passage.

Plot and graphics

Studying historical records led you to a misunderstanding and magic that was found in one of the caves during the “Gold Rush.” Studying the surviving documents, you find a cave in which magic occurs. Only real adventurers decided to visit the cave full of treasures and dangers. The Greedy Cave 2 for iOS, this is an exciting adventure in which you are waiting for adventure. This role-playing game, a large amount of content allows everyone to create a unique character.

The Greedy Cave 2 mod

The game has improved graphics in comparison with the previous version, but the dark style of the mysterious caves is preserved. Only your torch will illuminate small areas on the map, high detail of monsters and demons, as well as brilliant treasures that are carefully guarded. Gradually raising the level, collect more powerful weapons for complex battles and adventures.

Meeting with bizarre creatures requires you to conduct combat skills and powerful equipment. Use crystals to create a strong character. Share the codes with your friends and organize a strong alliance for the joint passage of dark caves.

The Greedy Cave 2 hack:

  • 8 950 crystals – VXi_yqtJ7L
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Everyone can get additional crystals on the account for free. Cheat codes work for Android, iOS devices. Download the original version of the game and follow the tips in the instructions.

Download The Greedy Cave 2 mod (Google Play)

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