This War of Mine Codes Cheat codes

This War of Mine cheat codes not mod apk

Cheats This War of Mine for Android will give you a chance of survival, because with the help of code, you can make the characters well-fed, healthy and happy, that will give you time to search for ways to further the game progresses.

This War of Mine Play social drama in the style of indigo, which represented the most realistic survival in the city, this game is completely unique in its kind. The game takes us back to Sarajevo in 1992, in the post-war Yugoslavia, in which our hero must survive. In the game, he has all the human needs, he needs to eat and drink, he may be wounded and sick, as in the character has the desire to sleep in a normal bed. Hacking This War of Mine gives the opportunity not only to get all the right things, but also to improve the instant hero status that guarantees its survival.

Collect items you need in the city only at night, after the day on rooftops snipers are on duty. In the afternoon you can do household chores, disassemble blockages, and equip housing. There are no special secrets in the passage of This War of Mine is not present, the main focus and complete immersion in the game. The main thing to remember that the game is unique and there are no medicines that cure instantly, everything is like in real life, is ready to fight for it.

Chita This War of Mine Android and iOS:

To restore health, enter the code, where instead of “name” enter the name of the character – name_10HPadLv

It is important to have food, water and medicine in his backpack, for this you can use the code:

Food – 091_18EAadKw

Water – 084_18WOadYw

Medicine – 048_18APadIu

Get weapons – 099_10WEadOr

Increase the capacity of the backpack 10% – name_10PRadRz

Secret Codes This War of Mine will make your chances of surviving the maximum, but do not constantly rely on them constantly. Learn to make a choice while maintaining morale, but do not forget about all the possibilities of the game.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “This War of Mine” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations345435


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