Tiny Battleground for Android, free crystals and money. Bonus codes

Tiny Battleground hack

Get free coins and crystals by hack Tiny Battleground for Android & iOS. Get money and unlock all the characters in the game, use secret codes to buy weapons and equipment. Become the strongest on the field, having this advantage. Follow the tips in the instructions and get unlimited money. Colorful heroes, a small battlefield and multiplayer battles. Use tricks to get a significant advantage.

Gold is an ordinary currency, which the player receives for each fight, as well as experience. Crystals are a premium currency, you can get them through the game store. But not every player can, or wants to spend real money on virtual currency. Tricks will help you get money without breaking the rules of the game and not need to download Tiny Battleground mod. To use the codes, download the original version of the game from Google Play, or Apple Store and enjoy a free game.

Tiny Battleground for free, codes:

  • 1,000,000 coins – OhC_Ry9QUa
  • 100,000 crystals for free – 7Hb_hGB0lw

A colorful MOBA game made in the style of pixel graphics, beautiful characters and bright cards. They can meet up to 40 players in different modes. As in Agar.io, here you have to fight with everyone around, building up your own mass. But unlike the bestseller of this genre, there are more opportunities for creating a character and accessible weapons.

Features of the game

A small battlefield, a diverse, funny hero and a strong competition. All this is waiting for the gamer after downloading Tiny Battleground. The game is free, but you can unlock some heroes and weapons with purchases. Choose a hero from the list and go to mass battles online. Become a Viking, or choose the side of a metal dragon that can swallow the other heroes.

The unpredictability of what is happening on the field will pass with experience. Create your own character and predict the behavior of enemies. Use the gold coins you can gain an advantage and quickly develop the character’s abilities and create a unique image. The variety of heroes is amazing, you need to test everyone to choose a loved one.

Knights, Vikings, arrows and even ninjas will fight in the same field. Everyone has unique abilities. You can use them in different modes, Free-for-All, or team up with friends to defeat enemies. Hacked Tiny Battleground allows you to get a lot of money and remove a lot of restrictions.

Develop your own style of play and become the best in survival mode. Achievements and upgrades will open up new opportunities and subjects for you. Team Free-for-All mode will unite for joint battles against others. A couple of free minutes will pass unnoticed in this game.

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