Transformers Battle Tactics Codes Cheats

Transformers Battle Tactics Cheats Free Gold

With this new Transformers: Battle Tactics hack you will have cheats for free gold, cybercoins and cybermetal. There will be no one that can beat you in this game. As you know, Transformers Battle Tactics is very demanding game, where you have to collect huge amount of gold, cybercoins and cybermetal to compete with the best players.
Why pay for gold? When you can hack them for free.
Learn how to hack Transformers Battle Tactics using this cheat.
Secret letters cheat codes in the game Transformers Battle Tactics working on Android and IOS. Be sure to follow the instructions while using the codes.

About TRANSFORMERS Battle Tactics
TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics is an exciting turn-based strategy game featuring a roster of over 75 iconic TRANSFORMERS characters including OPTIMUS PRIME, MEGATRON, STARSCREAM, and BUMBLEBEE.
Players can assemble teams of TRANSFORMERS characters including AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS side-by-side in strategic combat experiences with other fans from around the globe.
Battles are swift and require strategic decision-making, resulting in unexpected victory or devastating defeat. As TRANSFORMERS characters change modes their stats and abilities shift, allowing players to wage war in limitless ways.
Battle scenarios are intensified as players can link TRANSFORMERS characters together to create powerful Combiners that can change the tide of war by dealing critical damage and leveling the battlefield.
The TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics experience includes a compelling single player campaign, live events, and the opportunity to reign supreme at the top of the leaderboards where players can earn rare and powerful rewards.
With endless team combinations, characters to collect, and deep social integration, players will experience real-time PVP battles and thrilling live-events.

▪ Compete in live real-time PVP showdowns with players from around the globe while earning rare TRANSFORMERS characters, valuable resources, and prestige at the top of the leaderboards
▪ Collect iconic TRANSFORMERS characters while teaming up AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON characters side-by-side.
▪ Calculate strategic decisions by leveraging unique TRANSFORMERS character modes to take control of the battlefield in any situation and obliterate the enemy.
▪ Link TRANSFORMERS characters to create powerful Combiners to deal devastating damage in battle!
▪ Connect with friends to form leagues and seek advantage over the competition. Earn powerful rewards and placement at the top of the leader boards.

Cheats for hack the game Transformers Battle Tactics:

code for add 10,000 goldTBT10KGLA

add 10 000 cybermetalTBT10KCMA

add 10 000 cybercoins – TBT10KCCA

unlock all abilities – TBTUNALAT

unlock all characters – TBTUNALCH

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Transformers Battle Tactics” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations



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