Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis free Cash & Crystals, not mod

Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis hack

Participate in action battles, use the hack Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis to unlock all the characters and get a lot of money on Android. Cheat codes for crystals will unlock all characters and weapons and travel through a fantastic and colorful world. Go to the tasks, clearing the passages from the enemies. Following the instructions, the player can get a set of money for free and freely buy paid items.

Try all the heroes in battle, choose a loved one and equip him with a powerful weapon. Hundreds of tasks must be done to save the planet from the explosion. The evil doctor uses the development for destruction and you need to stop it. To get unlimited resources, you do not have to download Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis mod, or get special root or jailbreak privileges.

Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis cheat codes:

  • 100 000 money, will allow to carry out infinite improvements – km30taobt_bot
  • 7 000 crystals, premium currency will allow to play at the level of donators, code – w480fuf7s_bot

Colorful action game in fact combines many genres. The cards remind us of the classic RPG, but the heroes are not magicians, but real superheroes. Everyone has unique skills and weapons. Flamethrowers, machine guns, bazookas and more, unlock characters to experience everyone in battle. To win it is not enough to unlock the most powerful weapons, they need to be able to use.

Review, hacking, secrets of the passage

Increase the characteristics and level of the character to carry out the upgrade. Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis has dozens of weapons for each hero. Control is carried out with the help of the joystick of movement and the button of the weapon. Using secrets, the player will be able to equip the hero with additional weapons and destroy the enemy faster. In addition to shooting, you need to skilfully escape the enemy’s deadly attacks.

The game map resembles a role-playing game, but with a significant difference in the style of graphics. Cartoon and bright with great animation and funny characters. The baby threw away toys and took two machine guns, wearing a heavy gun helps the suit. Collect the team of heroes for passage, travel through spaces of the ship and destroy enemies. Get to the main thing, the evil genius will come up with new robots, mutants, to protect their plans.

To download a mod, or a hacked Treasure Raiders: Zombie Crisis is not safe. Use codes and get resources without risks. Enjoy the travel and buy any items in the game store. Double your experience and unlock valuable gifts and rewards. This will save you a lot of time and allow you to quickly raise the level and double your achievements. Share your secrets with friends and compete in achievements.

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