Tribez & Castlez Codes Cheat codes

Tribez & Castlez cheat codes, not mod apk

Interesting and exciting game becomes even more exciting by using cheats Tribez&Castlez that can help to quickly build up your castle and make the life of your tribes happier. The game has a very detailed training and will be interesting for both adults and children, and that the passage was more dynamic and rich, you need a lot of money, gold and crystals for everything and protect your fortress.

Hacking Tribez & Castlez on android and iOS allows players to get the resources for free and safe. After downloading the mod apk, or obtaining root or jailbreak your device’s rights is always accompanied by risks, use secret codes for gold and crystals you use a resource that is already in the game, and read the instructions you will learn how to simulate the purchase of resources, replacing the code.

Cheats Tribez & Castlez on Android and iOS:

Gold stands in the role of money, you will earn it by planting plants and building bakeries as well as other infrastructure. But if you do not want to save money and to collect money for new construction, use code that will fill up your account for 135 000 gold – 1ke3uc5yc

Crystals, second currency, which collect in the game is not easy, and that gives great advantages in the game. To get 44,000 crystals on the bill, use the code – 4ux4yx0eu

With data code in the game The Tribez & Castlez you literally get a wild card in your sleeve, because now the construction of the castle will be promoted to the next level. Watch for the residents of your castle, and do not let them languish, everyone should fulfill its function, one to feed the inhabitants of the castle, others have guardians and bear protection.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Tribez & Castlez” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations345435


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