Virtual Robo Warriors 2018 free Cash & Coins for Android, secret cheat codes

hack Virtual Robo Warriors 2018 for android

Fight for victory in the game Virtual Robo Warriors 2018 to mobile. Get money and gems for free, hack Virtual Robo Warriors 2018 with cheat codes, without downloading mod files. The player does not need to get root or jailbreak right to gain an advantage. Follow the instructions and get unlimited resources to your account for free. Win in difficult battles, using mechs, tanks and other weapons.

Challenge players around the world in strategic battles for mobile devices. Win, or stay with nothing. Create an army of different techniques and use cards to send it to the battlefield. The strategic battles are very similar to the Clash Royale, the two towers against each other and the player with a deck of equipment. The difference is a huge map, which can be removed, as well as a field divided into cells, which allows you to choose the position of the army.

Free Virtual Robo Warriors 2018 cheat codes:

  • The player receives gold coins for each fight, they allow you to upgrade your army, increase its characteristics and level. To get 135,000 coins for free, enter the code – mT_KduVGe7
  • Precious stones are bought at the gaming store for real money, so they give a significant advantage. To get 7,800 pieces for free, use the cheat – zA_5S05659

This is a free game, but many sites offer to download Virtual Robo Warriors 2018 mod to get a lot of money. Doing this is extremely undesirable, because such methods do not work. And the bonus codes work with the official version of the game and give great advantages and opportunities. Increase your combat power by buying new types of equipment and updating existing weapons.

Mechs, tanks and weapons for free

To create a strong army you will need to spend a lot of time, or money. This is an action simulator with dozens of types of heavy equipment and strategic capabilities. Fight for survival, in order to maintain your own base, you must first destroy the enemy. For combat in the arena, you can use different types of weapons, robots, furs, tanks.

The combat power will depend on your level, move to the hangar and make the necessary updates. Virtual Robo Warriors 2018 hack removes all restrictions and will increase the strength of the army, as well as the speed of recovery. The game has a nice graphics with high detail, it resembles a cartoonish one.

Dynamic battles in 3D and thematic voice acting will allow you to fully immerse yourself in battles. To unlock robots and tanks, raise the level, go through single missions and get more experience. Enjoy unlimited resources and become a top player.


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