Voodoo Heroes free Crystals & Money for Android, secret

hack Voodoo Heroes android

Travel through the dungeon, unlock all characters, voodoo dolls for free. Use Voodoo Heroes hack on Android to get money, crystals on the account. Collect the team and train them in combat skills and fight with the dungeon dwellers and other players. Learn the instructions and get a lot of money on the account for free. Use paid items to complete the game and raise the level. Use the premium currency to unlock new characters, skins and access to paid items. Improve the skills of characters to use them during the battle. Collect a unique collection of voodoo dolls and enjoy battles. Use Voodoo Heroes cheats, or search for a hacked version of the game, the choice is for everyone. Cheat codes give a great advantage when passing the game, replenishing the account with additional coins and premium currency.

Voodoo Heroes codes:

  • 95 000 money for free – XlF5_N7Do7
  • 7 650 crystals – S78i_oOhhf

Descriptions of the game, passing

Free role-playing game on mobile devices, download and enjoy endless battles. Travel through gloomy dungeons, using voodoo joting in search of new adventures. Tactical RPG game has ample opportunities for improvement. Travel, collect new heroes in the team and use resources to teach skills.

They will be needed during the battle and will allow to defeat the enemy and earn money. Although the game Voodoo Heroes is free, there are game purchases in it. They allow you to unlock paid items, the cost of which reaches hundreds of dollars. Collect dolls of different types, find objects and equip them with your team.

Fights, how to get money for free

Battles in the game are step-by-step attacks on the field divided into cells. Battles can be put on automatic mode and only watch the actions of their heroes and the enemy. You can always take control in your hands by moving the dolls around the field and using their skills. A large arsenal of weapons and attacks are available to the player with a high level.

Use money and crystals to train heroes and buy new items and weapons. The player does not need to download Voodoo Heroes mod to get a lot of money. Secret codes can make you invincible for other players and friends. Collect a unique collection of characters, raise their level and strengthen the protection of your castle. Become the number one, using our advice.

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