Walking War Robots Codes Cheat codes

Walking War Robots cheat codes, not mod apk

What could be cooler than large, modern robots stuffed with weapons? Of course this is hacking Walking War Robots, which will give an opportunity to get a lot of money and enjoy your robot within our means and have in their arsenal the most powerful, fast and armored fighters for battles in PvP mode. In the game you will find great graphics and battle mode 6 for 6, but wealth of resources you do not know, because the game is free.

The game is worth the attention of all fans of MMOs on mobile action games, and cheats and Walking War Robots need to you only if you want to be a real threat to other players. But even with a lot of money in the reserve game interesting because the enemy having the experience you can make a surprise attack, or you can get into the tricks of more experienced players. Capture control beacons and try to destroy as many enemies, for that you get in the game donatnoe gold and experience.

List of codes to hack Walking War Robots Android and iOS:

To get into your account a lot of money, namely 700,000 Ag use code – Ag7K0d0s

Rod gold in the game to add to your account 10 000 Au – Au1K0jEi

Unlock all the robots to buy, do not look at your level in the game – Lv9N9cUe

Unlock all weapons – We0I0eQi

Double experience, this code will allow you twice as fast through the game, and improve – Lv1P0lUs

In addition to weapons in the game you can increase the speed, punching power of the robot, which is important in this shooter, which is so loved by many players around the world. These codes Walking War Robots Android and iOS devices are the same, because they are part of the game and the same on all platforms. In addition, they are safe because they do not ask for personal information, or to obtain special rights of your device. Open new robots and weapons, create their own, unique robot, combining different weapons.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Walking War Robots” – is hidden. Pleas read our website’s regulations345435


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