War Goonz free Gold for Android, secret codes, not mod, Tips

War Goonz hack

Build a base using unlimited gold, hacking War Goonz on Android and other mobile using codes. Use secrets and get a lot of money for free purchases. Unlock thugs and buildings for construction to create a strong army with powerful protection. Build your own base and challenge other players online. Follow the tips in the instructions and get the gold sets.

Enjoy the battles, clone the army and expand your possessions. Open new territories and clear them of the enemy in single tasks. Receive in reward new heroes and buildings and carry out modernization. Unlimited gold can be obtained without downloading War Goonz mod. Collect a complete collection of mutants and robots and combine them into one team. Spread the enemy’s base in chips and receive valuable rewards.

War Goonz cheat codes:

  • 47,650 gold for free – qkeV-EaveEye
  • Unlock characters and buildings – vYyy-spSMBn
  • Disable ads – GhXs-YYGkTZ

Secrets of passage, gold for free

For free play you will need a lot of money. Each battle allows you to get a hero card and get resources. The more battles you hold, the more resources you can get. In addition to attacks on the enemy, you need to build your own defense. Arrange the towers with their maximum efficiency and extend the range.

War Goonz breaking allows you to gain an advantage. Conduct mutations, speed up processes and quickly increase the level. A set of gold will create unique combinations with a dozen heroes. To defeat an equal in strength, use strategy and deceptive maneuvers. Sometimes it is worthwhile to hold strong cards in order to reverse the course of the battle and surprise the opponent.

Review of War Goonz

Colorful strategy in 3D with bright graphics and nice animation. Dozens of unique characters, zombies, mutants, robots and aliens. All of them are dangerous and have special skills to destroy the enemy. The game has a single mode, as well as the ability to fight in PvP mode. In parallel with the development of the army, it is necessary to create a secure base.

Increase the level and unlock the buildings. Modernization can proceed faster if you spend gold. Interesting battles and exciting mutations of your heroes will create an army of monsters. Develop the scientists and improve your army. Collect artifacts and rare items to gain an advantage in the battle. Share your secrets with friends in social networks and enjoy free games.

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