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Build your own city, fight for resources and gold. Hack War of Jurassic will get a lot of money and quickly raise the level. War Jurassic is a free game from Elex developers available for Android & iOS. The creators decided to create a new type of game, with many features and capabilities that will attract millions of users. Follow the instructions to open the chests with valuables and gold.

The strategy of the new generation will surprise with the number of functions and possibilities. Learning the gameplay begins with building the first buildings, collecting resources and studying the controls. War of Jurassic has horizontal graphics, you can do anything with one finger. Another name for the game War of Jurassic, because the game takes place in the time of the dinosaurs and you can create an army of large animals to attack rivals.

Free Cheats, War of Jurassic Cheats:

  • The game has a huge amount of resources that are needed to build and create an army. But the main resource is gold, with its help you can replenish the reserves of wood, food, iron and other resources. Premium currency is available for purchase for real money in the game store, but using the code, everyone can get 7 890 gold for free – ICP9_qv1eD
  • Code for a double experience, will quickly raise the level – J6iC_EiOYB
  • Disable ads in the game – GekD_GB6rk

A large number of heroes, buildings and items will be available with a rising level. Unlock them with gold, this is the main currency. This will quickly build your own city, increase the population. From these indicators will depend on the number of resources and opportunities. The game allows you to interact with other players, create alliances and fight with neighbors.

Features, passing the game

Attack enemies by selecting the right resources. Despite the construction, the main source of money are fights. Form an army of knights and heroes with unique skills and abilities. They will be able to organize a powerful army to defend and battle with other players. Downloading War of Jurassic mod is optional, you can play without limits with the presence of cheat codes.

Build the first buildings, the level of the main buildings must be increased in the first place. The balance of defense and attacking forces must be respected, the earned resources must be spent on harmonious development. This will allow you to meet in battles only equal rivals, carefully choose the neighbors on which you are going to attack.

Use hacked War of Jurassic to get resources and create a dream city. Produce more, raising the level of buildings with the help of gold. Become the strongest in the district, share secrets with friends and create the most powerful alliance.

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