War of Kings free Gold & Silver for Android, secret codes

War of Kings hack

Build your own castle, get a lot of money and gold on the account using War of Kings hack. Bonus codes for resources work for Android, without downloading. Use the tricks to quickly raise the level of the building and unlock military legends in your team. Follow the tips in the instructions to make purchases and get bonus resources. This will increase your chances of winning and allow you to conquer large territories.

Build your own castle from small protective buildings. The army in the beginning is counted by dozens of soldiers. Everyone starts his own way with the same conditions. Donators in the future can in time outstrip you and grow in level. Often, players are looking for where to download the War of Kings mod to get unlimited resources. In this article you will find answers to how to get gold for free and do without downloading.

War of Kings cheat codes:

  • Silver in the game is a common currency, with its help you can buy and upgrade buildings. You can get 250 000 silver using the code – P9EW-EG5X2A
  • Premium currency in the game is gold, it will get VIP status and accelerate many processes, as well as more experience. To get 12 500 gold – XRJV-NSOOX2

The strategy will transfer you to the Middle Ages. There are three sides fighting here, the Kingdom, Pirates and Hammers. Each player can choose the team he will play for. This has little effect on the further development of the game, it simply forms the opposing forces. And the support of allies in the game is very important, it will allow you to save resources and get additional protection.

Although War of Kings is free, gaming purchases give a big advantage in the speed of development. Building a lock can speed up all processes with the help of money. And constant enemy attacks require decisive action. Raise the level of the castle and hire the legendary military commanders and use their skills in battles.

Free gold, how to get VIP:

Harmonious development of all directions in the game will get the maximum result. Gold is required for both building buildings and for developing technology. Collect the army, increasing their number, but be sure to follow the indicators of food. Learn new technologies to increase the productivity of mines and increase combat power. Hack War of Kings will remove the restrictions and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Graphics and music created in the style of the Middle Ages, so that the player could imbued with those times. The army can consist of cavalry, archers, infantrymen and heroes. With the help of cards of heroes it is possible to reverse the course of the battle. Manage attacks by combining attacks. Win and receive resources and valuable rewards. Share secrets with friends.

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