Wheels of Crime free Cash for Android, secret cheat codes, not mod

hack Wheels of Crime for android

Become a criminal boss in the free Wheels of Crime for Android. Get money without limits, hack Wheels of Crime with the help of codes for resources. Create your own cartel and go to the city to take it under control. Manage all processes in the city and decide what to build. The main you is a powerful gang and weapons, which will repel any attacks. Follow the instructions and get a lot of money, play without limits and get more fun from the game.

Free Wheels of Crime cheat codes:

  • 150 000 money for free, can be obtained using the code – HEN_NMD*3yh2

The money in the game is needed to buy weapons, create a city, or more precisely, without them nothing will work. In the criminal world, this will give you power and allow you to quickly take the city under control. The game allows you to fight with other players for the resources and are measured by the forces with your friends. Every day a player can perform tasks, gain experience and resources. Correctly using codes, the player does not have to download Wheels of Crime mod, or use a hack.

Everyone is interesting to be a criminal boss, it’s safer to do it in the game. Success in the world of crime comes with murders, endless battles. Carry out tasks and rotate the wheel of crime, get new items, weapons and prizes. Create a criminal empire will help you unlimited money, how to get them you will learn in this article.

How to play, shootout and wheel of fortune

Create your criminal empire starting with small tasks. Increase the level and get the first gun at the disposal. Watch for the police and choose the best time to attack.

Avoid complicated scams, if you are not sure of your own abilities. Before raising the level, work on a strategy, this will not prevent in a fight with a stronger one.

The banking balance has a strong influence on your influence in the city. Wheels of Crime hacked allows you to buy businesses, build new buildings and expand ownership.

This is a casual, criminal game, tap on the screen to make deals and increase the turnover of weapons in your city. Control the order in the city and choose directions for development.

Unblock weapons, raise the level and engage in battle with other criminal authorities. A victory over an opponent will bring prizes and raise your level in the underworld.

What is the difference where to get money, the main thing is that it was safe. Use secret codes, buy business and weapons to protect it.

It’s hard times, money Wheels of Crime will give an advantage. Becoming a criminal boss becomes easier, create a gang of unique characters and increase your level of attack and defense.

Different characters are available to the player for selection, which gives a significant advantage when passing the game.

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