Where to enter the codes?

How to use promo codes in games, where to enter – instruction

Codes are created by developers to test the game on different levels and areas. They openly operate in the beta version of the game, and each player can quickly go through the game. It is necessary to test and search for bugs. After that, the using stops and are created paid purchases in-game store. Anyone can get these resources into the account legally without any hacking of the game.

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IMPORTANT! To browsing of article has been valid, you need to be more than 30 seconds on each page of the site.

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After reviewing the instructions, you can get these free resources for personal using and fast passage. Usually they are in the public domain, but require a decryption. Everyone will be able to obtain additional resources to the account free of charge. It is safe and does not require from player to enter personal data or download mod files.

How to unlock access to these instructions, read below …

At the bottom of each article describes detailed instructions “how to enter the codes.” You can get access to these instructions by following the rules of the site, or find the answers by reading 10-15 old articles on the site.

Promo codes work in almost all games. On our site you’ll find them to the most popular games on Android, ios. They do not harm to developers and are the part of the game. On the site there are rules that restrict access to the instructions.

After using the instructions, leave comments about using of our advice.

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