Wild Clash – Online Battle free gems, unlock heroes, money in the game

Wild Clash - Online Battle hack

Take part in battles earning experience and double coins. Hack Wild Clash – online battle for Android and iOS, without downloading mod files. In this article you will find tips on how to get free gems and unlock the paid resources. Participate in the battles, earning a precious experience and follow the instructions to get sets of game currency. Fight with other players around the world, team up for victory.

Challenge the gamers around the world in a new, free mobile strategy. You can download the game for free from Google Play, Apple Store. Create a character, choose the country for which you will fight. Wild Clash – The online battle requires a constant connection to the Internet and has several modes. Rise through the leagues, using unlimited diamonds and show what you are capable of.

Secrets and free cheat codes Wild Clash – online battle:

  • Each fight will bring experience and coins, the more enemies killed, the more valuable the reward. But you can always double the money, for this it is enough to enter the code (every time you enter the game) – CIOB-AUUU
  • Gems, this is a premium currency. It will unlock access to paid items, weapons and will increase the combat qualities of the character. Use the cheat to get 6 480 gems for free – O77F-TKMT
  • Disable advertising in the game – AYK0-RVVY

Colorful strategy has dozens of cards with a variety of landscapes. Moves are carried out with the help of the touch joystick, for shooting it is necessary to tap on the button of shooting. Keep track of the number of cartridges, so as not to be unarmed when meeting with the enemy. On the card there are boxes with weapons and boosters, they will help to destroy rivals faster and more efficiently.

Gameplay, weapons and skills

Participate in battles 3 to 3, or fight against the remaining 9 players on the map. The survival mode ends as soon as one player remains on the field. The winner receives valuable rewards in the form of money and experience for each killed rival. In the game, you can use different strategies that will lead to victory.

Diamonds can be obtained without infringing the rules of the game, Wild Clash – online battle hack gives freedom of purchase and the advantage of passing.

Fight to the last, or team up with other players to grab the opponent’s base. In addition to the attack, you need to protect your own base and harmoniously distribute forces.

Communicate with the allies to destroy the enemy and grab their diamonds. Developers are announcing and new modes in which it will be possible for the team to capture the dungeons.

Use a variety of hero skills to shoot, throw grenades, use vortex attacks. Dozens of weapons will make you unpredictable, invisible mines, missiles, shields, thunder beats and laser snipers. Choose your favorite weapon and use the strategy to attack.

To use cheat codes, you do not need to download mod Wild Clash – an online battle, or enter personal data. Unblock the heroes and create a guild that will lead you to the top of the leaders.

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