World Zombie Contest free Gold, Secret cheat codes, not mod

World Zombie Contest hack

Destroy the zombies and their bosses in the game World Zombie Contest. Use gold and money to raise the level. Hack World Zombie Contest for Android, iOS gives an advantage when passing the game. Do research and create a machine that will pump out energy from zombies and recycle it. Improve technology and continue to tap on the screen, follow the tips and get a lot of money on the account for free.

Take on the role of a mad scientist and create a machine for pumping out zombies. Shoot, throw grenades and fire endlessly at enemies. Every victory brings gold, or candy. Navigate to the main menu, and buy the necessary items for the game. With each level, zombies will become more powerful. Be ready to meet and collect more resources.

World Zombie Contest cheat codes, free:

  • Gold is the main currency, with the help of coins you can buy new items, weapons and carry out modernization. After raising the level, new improvements are available. Do them without delay, use the code to get 100 000 gold for free – rzNv_2IR3N
  • Collect sweets and buy extra game buns. To get 9 000 sweets, use the code – 1HDg_X4PBC

Stages of the game, types of enemies

Free, casual game on mobile devices, download and enjoy the fight with zombies. Pull out energy from the zombies and get a reward. The dead unite and become more powerful, in the game there are up to hundreds of different enemies. Learn the habits to fight effectively. A lot of money can not be obtained without downloading mod World Zombie Contest.

The codes for gold and candy make the game even more interesting. Do a quick research to create more powerful and efficient machines. Prepare to meet bosses, use all your skills to win. The game has several modes with different tasks, destroy all in a row, or collect your own zombies.

hack World Zombie Contest for android

Unite the same characters and get super powerful characters. Achieve high level and compete with your friends with your achievements. World Zombie Contest hacked will greatly simplify the game and will unlock all kinds of zombies. To control the game, one finger is enough, tap on the screen, making the upgrade and buy new cars.

Gold allows you to buy items that bring experience and raise the level. Arrange ambushes for zombies, independently create a strong character to get a more valuable reward. All your achievements participate in the world ranking of achievements, where you can get to, using tricks.

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