Wrecking Squad free Coins & Diamonds, not mod – Secret codes

Wrecking Squad hack

Use the Wrecking Squad hack to get coins and crystals for free. Cheat codes on Android will allow you to unlock characters and conduct improvements. Increase the skill level of heroes and destroy 3D cities faster and more efficiently. Perform complex tasks and open new items. Use the instructions, follow the tips to make the game free and unlimited.

Action puzzle game with funny characters, here you have to destroy the abandoned buildings. From small designs to entire cities. To cope with the task you need skills and powerful characters, as well as precise control. Wrecking Squad cheats give everyone the opportunity to buy paid items and enjoy free play, without purchases and restrictions. Build your own strategy and test different methods to effectively perform tasks.

Bonus codes Wrecking Squad hack:

  • 50 000 coins for free – wUXLs_cb1Q
  • 5,000 crystals – dhmAh_aFaD
  • Restore energy – mljW8_oP3B
  • Disable ads – qyd9i_XUaj

Features of the game

You can download the game for free, but for a full game requires an internet connection and watch ads. The basis of this puzzle is the game Big Blue Bubble and its physics. The game has a couple of characters, each of which has skills. When earning stars and coins during the passage, the player can improve the characteristics of the team.

The complexity of tasks grows with each time, you need to think through the strategy and placement of heroes to destroy buildings. Wrecking Squad is truly unique and has good graphics. Action puzzle game with hundreds of challenging levels and dozens of characters. The combination of skills, placement of heroes allows you to pass the level in hundreds of ways, select your own and earn valuable rewards.

How to unlock characters, restore energy

A lot of explosives will have to be spent to destroy all buildings and structures. Energy has the property of ending, it can be restored for real money. Endless resources and a lot of money promise many sites after downloading mod Wrecking Squad files. This is cheating, and downloading the apk file you can not use the game updates and synchronize it with Google Play.

Cheat codes for resources will allow you to quickly and free unlock all characters. Use coins and precious stones to increase your skill level. Destroy huge buildings, use explosives and enjoy what is happening. You can erase the largest buildings, correctly using the skills of the team. And hacking will allow you to use all the resources of the game for free.

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