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WWE Universe hack

In this article you will find secrets and WWE Universe hack for gold. Using cheat codes, each player can get a lot of money and gold for free for iOS and Android, and also restore energy. Play without limits, this is your chance to become a wrestling star. Unlock the legends of the sport and fight for the title of champion. Learn new attacks and attacks and participate in online battles. In the instructions you will find step by step tips on how to get a lot of money into your account for free.

When you receive a legend in the team will have a lot more work to open all his abilities and super strokes. Every battle in the game takes away precious energy, with the importance of combat increases the number of units of energy. It takes time, or additional gold, to recover. Having resources on the account the player gets the advantage in speed of passage and unlimited opportunities for improvement.

WWE Universe Cheats:

  • + 150,000 money for free (mainly used to improve and increase the level of abilities) – WGG_R9pMj8
  • + 5 000 gold (open the paid sets and unlock the maps of the legendary athletes) – UBP_Ws6chp
  • Recover Energy – OAl_hets3k

Free game WWE Universe, but soon a version for Android is expected. Get your chance to become a WWE champion, play along with the idol, performing tricks and defeating strong rivals. A short training will introduce you to the controls. The fights are step by step, the player chooses a kick and force. The accuracy of the actions determines the amount of damage caused. You need to win in two rounds to win and earn yourself the experience and money.

Why do I need WWE Universe?

It’s no secret that games are created for earnings. You can download the game for free, but additional opportunities are sold for real money. Remove energy restrictions and unlock paid characters. Without purchases the player will be able to play a limited amount of time, and the chance to create a champion is low enough. Or you need to play a couple of months to develop enough character for the big league.

After downloading the game you can create a whole team of stars and choose them for fights with other players. Beautiful graphics, high level of detail and animation. The techniques look very impressive, each fighter has unique skills. A precise blow will cause damage to the enemy, procrastination and a curve attack can take life from you. For example, an unsuccessful jump on the enemy, can take away your life if he has time to rise.

This is an interesting adventure for fans of fighting in the ring, as well as fighting games. Simple controls and lots of tricks to perform complex combinations with just one finger. But for the game you need an internet connection, for free WWE Universe cheats give free shopping. You can restore energy at any time, for a couple of seconds and continue the fighting.

Collect the command RAW, SmackDown Live, NXT, Legends and others, train superstars and use all their skills. Every day the game offers interesting tasks and participation in events. Win in the league and get rare and valuable prizes. Get gold and share your secrets with friends.

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