Zak Storm Super Pirate free Crystals for Android, secret codes

Zak Storm Super Pirate hack

Get free gold and crystals on account. Zak Storm Super Pirate hack for Android and iOS using secret codes will get a lot of money. Unlock the cases with new maps for updating. Rapidly increase the level, carrying out the modernization of the ship and the characteristics of the character. Challenge the pirates and fight for the seas. Use secrets, follow the instructions to get unlimited resources in the game and use paid items.

Save money by playing freely and without disturbance. The Seven Seas were captured by pirates, The Pirate King keeps them under their control and they are closed to all. Free the seas only in your power, travel and fight with the bosses. Download Zak Storm Super Pirate mod does not have to, if you can use the bonus codes for free purchases. Get extra rewards and unlock all mini-games.

Zak Storm Super Pirate cheat codes:

  • Gold code will be credited to 32 450 units – Kl6Ej_U3oZE
  • 3 750 crystals – CaPwC_ZRsPQ

Help Zack cope with the difficult task, buy a ship and go to the seized seas. Guns on the islands and enemy ships will try to destroy you. Use weapons to destroy the defense of the islands. Turn the steering wheel to steer the ship and choose the speed you want. On the right there is the opportunity to fire and destroy enemy buildings.

Free gold crystals in the game

To completely clean the island of pirates, you need to destroy the main. Battles with bosses in the Zak Storm Super Pirate are in the arcade style. You need to svaypat on the screen at the time of finding the strip on the red indicator. They will move and change in size with each attack. Accuracy of actions and powerful weapons will quickly destroy the enemy.

The game has ample opportunities for development, the purchase of new ships and weapons. Cards improvements and items a player can get for achievements, or opening chests. Paid treasures can be purchased for real money, or rare crystals. They contain exclusive and powerful tools. The crystals will allow you to quickly install them and continue the fights.

It is much more interesting to play when purchases do not become a goal. Hacked Zak Storm Super Pirate contains the ability to play without spending. Armed with a variety of weapons and open mini-games to diversify the gameplay. Travel and explore new islands and seas. Receive great rewards for delivering them from the Pirate King.

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