Zombie Bloxx free Gems for Android, secret cheat codes, not mod

Zombie Bloxx hack

Unlock characters and destroy the maximum of zombies. Get Gems and coins using Zombie Bloxx hack for Android. Bonus codes will allow you to get a lot of money into your account without violating the rules of the game. Set new records, testing more powerful characters. From dinosaurs to flying dragons, unlock maps and additional features. Follow the tips in the instructions and get unlimited resources.

Zombie Bloxx cheat codes:

  • 5 000 gems – 9fnx-blk6_bz

Try to survive as long as possible under such harsh conditions. Zombie trap to destroy the train, cars and other things on the map. Avoid obstacles yourself to stay alive. Download the Zombie Bloxx mod and get unlimited resources offered by many, but more often it’s a hoax. Be careful and use tricks to break friends records and experience all the characters.

Descriptions and Overview

To survive in a nightmare world filled with zombies, this is the main task of pixel game. Collect flags on the map, avoiding contact with the dead. Use traps on the map and boosters to get rid of the pursuit. Their number is constantly growing, this greatly aggravates the situation. Keep calm and accurate movements and collect boosters on the map, this is to continue your journey.

Zombie Bloxx is a free action game, it has pixel graphics and addictive gameplay. The post-apocalyptic world is filled with zombies, they all want to devour you, so they blindly pursue. They are too stupid to avoid death and this is your only chance. The game has several cards with different traps in the form of bridges, or devouring plants. You need to collect the checkboxes and score the maximum points.

Boosters and precious stones

The player can use a nuclear attack, explosions and weapons to get rid of all the zombies. But the further you advance, the more they pursue you. Learn the behaviors of different species to successfully avoid them. In your arsenal will be a lot of deadly weapons, this gives a chance. Hacked Zombie Bloxx will allow you to use all 40 characters and weapons to destroy them.

Hordes of pursuers can be destroyed with one blow. But it stops briefly, they quickly track your movements. The coins you can use to improve characters and enhance their skills. Paid heroes will allow you to easily cope with a horde of zombies, and jet weapons can be used an unlimited number of times. Enjoy the game and share highscores in the comments.

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