Zombie Commando 3D free cheat codes, money for Android, secret codes

Zombie Commando 3D hack android

Participate in battles, destroying enemies and using the hack Zombie Commando 3D, get a lot of money. Cheat codes for Android, allow you to get resources for free and unlock heroes. By gaining experience, increasing the level of the player, new types of weapons become available. Follow the instructions and get the advantage. Having collected a team of heroes, equip them with a powerful weapon and go on quick assignments.

Clear the streets of the city from the invasion of zombies, open up all new territories. It can not cope, the armed team will help cope with hundreds of enemies. Dozens of weapons are available to the player for purchase. Do not need to download Zombie Commando 3D mod to get a lot of money. Bonus codes for free purchases allow you to unlock weapons and hero skins and buy all the game items without investing money.

Cheats Zombie Commando 3D for free:

  • 50 000 money – Jb0uw_3m7b
  • 5,000 medallions – LcPQ_tqLbW

A brief overview of the game, the gameplay

The whole world has swept the chaos, zombies everywhere and only you can stop spreading. Take the challenge, collecting new items, weapons and characters. Dozens of heroes are available for joint assignments. Each can be equipped with a certain type of weapon, they will be useful in battles against dozens of enemies. The game has a vivid schedule for the post-apocalyptic world.

Beautiful animation, great characters and lots of interesting weapons. Guns, machine guns, lasers and many others. Zombie Commando 3D has dozens of interesting tasks to destroy zombies. Earn titles and get valuable rewards. Conduct a modernization of weapons, heroes, raise the level and challenge the boss.

Money is free, how to get resources

Fighting action game has a top view, combining in a team of different characters the player has a chance to complete quests. Saturated levels with many enemies, move around holding together and open fire on the enemy. In addition to weapons, the player can use traps, electrical grids and other tricks. Dozens of difficult and interesting levels, 10 bosses you have to win.

Before downloading hack Zombie Commando 3D, try this method. It’s safe and will save a lot of time while passing the game. Change the team, select up to 5 players and combine them. Before that, equip them with the best weapons and do not forget to gain a foothold in the support of heavy equipment. Enhance the gameplay by removing the restrictions and get a lot of money on the account for free.

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