Zombie Evolution Cheat, Android, free Diamonds, not mod, Secret

Zombie Evolution hack android

Create the most powerful zombie among friends, use the Zombie Evolution hack. Secret cheat codes work on Android devices and will allow you to get free diamonds and gold coins. Accelerate the production of eggs and the creation of characters. Use the money to quickly go through the game, create eggs and eat brain. Use the instruction to get a lot of money for the game.

Tap on the screen creating eggs and get coins. Raising the level, in one click the player gets more coins. To save time, the player is often offered to download Zombie Evolution mod and get the coins on the account. This is more often a deception, you risk infecting the device with a virus. The codes for free purchases guarantee security and do not require root device rights. Unlock paid items and increase your achievements.

Free Zombie Evolution codes:

  • 100 000 gold coins – 8Tww_cIpbh8
  • 5,000 diamonds – Wy2u_kGHDRY
  • Disable ads – AK7d_WyAAvm

Features of the game

Free caller for mobile devices, tap and collect coins. Create eggs to give birth to a baby zombie, unite them and create a character of a new level. The gameplay is of the type 2048, create a new character, grow them and unite with the strongest on the field. Discover new species and get diamonds as a reward, this is the most valuable reward.

In the future, they can be used to speed up the buying process, or improve. Increase your appetite and accelerate the growth process. With the growth of the zombie level, the player gets more coins in one click. Zombie Evolution is free, but has game purchases. They significantly speed up and simplify the process. Hacking with the help of codes will give more advantages.

Free resources, unlock items

The most interesting is the new mutation, it’s not only a new appearance, but also more performance. The game has a simple graphics, but an interesting gameplay. Destroy the impostors and tap on the eggs. Use coins to create a more powerful zombie on the field. By skipping evolution, the player saves a lot of time on creating a character.

Diamonds allow you to get the right items instantly. Zombie Evolution cheats give coins and diamonds. Unlock new types of zombies and create them on the field. Make more coins with eggs and become a rich zombie proprietor. Share achievements with friends and compete with the level of pets. Tap on the screen and open new views.

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