Zombie Hive Codes Cheats

Zombie Hive CheATS

With this new hack using codes Zombie Hive you will have the money and the ability to obtain an infinite number of quantum cubes. With these cheats Zombie Hive no one will be able to win you in the game, because you will have endless resources.
As you know Zombies Hive is very demanding game , so the dynamics of your playing will be far more superior then your rivals’.

Cheats for Zombie Hive runs on Android and iOS and have been designed for you, so you get even more enjoyment from the game, and at the same time not spent money. Some cheat codes in the game work without downloading mods and more
application, be sure to follow the instructions of use. by our codes you can get a quantum super cube and DNA and a lot of money in the game Zombie Hive.

Spies all cheat codes to break the game Zombie Hive on Android and iOS:

code for 1 million cubic meters of quantum – ZH1MQCAD

cheat for a lot of money ,enter the code and fill up your account for 100 000 – ZH100MAD

Enter the code to get the 10 000 Super DNA – ZH10KDNA

In the secret laboratory, which is underground weapons of mass destruction was echoed across all floors laboratory. This weapon made all the innocent workers into zombies, which you will certainly need to destroy, but do not forget
that there are survivors, which you can save and get to the lab. Therefore a way to save the earth from the invasion, going down lower and lower into the ground, you will be attacking more powerful zombies and monsters that do not go alone. But having in stock cheats Zombie Hive you’ll always have the best weapons and you will simply handle them.

Quite an interesting arcade game with elements of action, and all your favorite zombie. Reach to the ground, 1000 – floor and destroy their nest – the goal of this game. And to get the game more fun, we broke Zombie Hive for money, quantum cubes and super DNA. And with a reserve of resources, it will be easier and more interesting to play, you will not have to save and collect coins and money to buy new weapons, rescuer of the world must be equipped with the best weapons.

We remind you that the secret codes work without downloading mods and additional applications, just enter the code and get the right resources. But before it is required to read the instructions and enter the codes correctly, so that you won’t be
noticed by the admins of the game.

Instruction: information about entering the code in the game “Zombie Hive” – is hidden. Pleas read ourwebsite’s regulations



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