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Become part of the reality show in the post-apocalyptic world. Use the hack Zombie Show and get a lot of money. Create a powerful car and complete tasks. Get to the finish line, driving around the car and destroying the zombies. All actions are broadcast on television to attract the attention of survivors and restore life on earth. Help restore the old order, use the instruction and get a lot of money.

Drive on the post-apocalyptic streets of the city, collecting gasoline and driving around the burnt cars. Television of the 21st century created zombies from people, all the forces were thrown to bring life back to lost souls. Get to the right world, that to broadcast a new show, which should bring everything back to life. Zombie Show is an action game for mobile devices with infinite gameplay.

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Free action game with elements of racing, here you have to choose auto, type of control and drive along the dark streets. Zombies took to the streets and you are much safer and more profitable to knock them down than to ram the car. Be sure to monitor the fuel indicators, collect the cans, so as not to stay with an empty tank. You are a reality show participant, so show tricks and a real action.

Management, auto selection and recourses

The dependence on the show grew to a new level, it mutated the brains of the inhabitants and forced them to go out into the streets. Wedge wedge knock out, so the owners of corporations and TV channels decided to create a show that will return zombies to life. You can do the mission without using the hacked Zombie Show, but it will take a lot of time and will not be as dynamic.

Having received the money, the player can buy a wheelbarrow, improve it and use booster. This will return the television to the darkest places. You have to be desperate to agree to perform such a difficult task. You can play in VR, or using touch control. To win you need to go around obstacles, destroy zombies and collect fuel and boosters.

To get a lot of money is difficult enough, rewards for completed missions are small. Downloading the mod Zombie Show is not necessary to get a lot of money. Destroy obstacles and get to the most difficult areas, only on you depends the restoration of life. Colorful auto on the dark streets, enjoy the action game and get a lot of fun from the game.

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